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Kana Puttkammer, student of Dr. Dmitri Nazarenko (Piano Solo)

Julia Jones - Violin, student of Viktor Basis & Teresa Jones (String Solo)

Amy Hwang - Flute, student of Leah Arsenault-Barrick  (Wind Solo)


1-2 Division

1st place: Ella Si - student of Dr. Svetlana Volkova

2nd place: Stella Li -  student of Vivian Kwok

​3rd place: Sophia Li - student of Vivian Kwok

3rd place: Terry Sheiko - student of Dr. Mihyang Joo

Honorable Mention: Richard Huangfu -  student of Dr. Artur Aksenov

Honorable Mention: Chloe Ng -  student of Vivian Kwok

Honorable Mention: Connor Kim -  student of Dr. Mihyang Joo

3-4 Division

1st place: Lucy Cui - student of Dr. Deborah Brown
2nd place: Joseph Yoon -  student of Dominique Shim

3rd place: Paige Zhu - student of Dr. Svetlana Volkova

3rd place: Madison Chung - student of Esther Kwon
Honorable Mention: Mina Chang -  student of Ka Nyoung Yoo

Honorable Mention: Henry Golden -  student of Dr. Svetlana Volkova

Honorable Mention: Nathan Park-  student of Dominique Shim


5-6 Division

1st place: Kana Puttkammer - student of Dmitri Nazarenko
2nd place: Julia Young -  student of Jaewon Lee

2nd place: Andrew Jiang -  student of San-Qing Lu Bennaman
3rd place: Ellin Kwak - student of Dr. Mihyang Joo

3rd place: Aidan T. Hwang - student of BokHwa Kim
Honorable Mention: Kyle Cho-  student of Dr. Jeongseon Choi

Honorable Mention: Chance Hattrick-  student of Jaewon Lee

Honorable Mention: Brian Park-  student of Dominique Shim

7-8 Division

1st place: Rebecca Fan - student of San Qing Lu Bennaman
2nd place: Brandon Kwon -  student of Dominique Shim

2nd place: Petrina Steimel -  student of Ping Steimel
3rd place: Julia Yue - student of Dr. Svetlana Volkova
Honorable Mention: Christopher Pishvaian -  student of Mary Kading

Honorable Mention: Sol Jun -  student of Yousun Choi

Honorable Mention: Jenny Jie Zheng -  student of Vivian Kwok

9-10 Division

1st place: Hana Wang - student of Lisa Emenheiser Sarratt
2nd place: Abigail Pak -  student of Junghee Lee

2nd place: Victoria Chai -  student of Vivian Kwok
3rd place: Kevin Seo - student of Hyun Sook Kim

3rd place: Melissa Wu - student of Lisa Emenheister Sarrat
Honorable Mention: Pascal Sossou -  student of Jung Hee Lee

Honorable Mention: Ethan Phan -  student of Dr. Catherine Lim

Honorable Mention: Alex Phan - student of Dr. Catherine Lim

11-12 Division
1st place: Grace Chen - student of Dr. Jeongseon Choi
2nd place: Christopher Saba -  Pamela Mullins & Dr. Paul Nitsch
3rd place: Cao Linh Pham - student of Cecilia Cho & Sam Post
Honorable Mention: Caleb M. Kim -  student of Jaewon Lee



1-4 Division

1st place: Paige Zhu & Sophie Zhao -  coached by  Svetlana Volkova

5-8 Division

1st place: Andrew Hang , Joyce Wu & Charisse Fung -  coached by  Alice Ma

2nd place: Maxmillian Belyantsev, Svetlana Semenova, Olesia Soukhoveev & Alexandra Soukhoveev -  coached by Lara Parris​

3rd place: Samuel Veliveli & Sashmika Veliveli -  coached by  Dr. Catherine Lim


1-2 Division
1st place: Amelia Baisden - Cello, student of Maxfield Wollam-Fisher
2nd place: Alexander Moon -  Violin, student of Hyunjung Allen
3rd place: Jinghan Savitski - Violin, student of Tzu-Ying Chen


3-4 Division

1st place: Raymond Lim - Violin, student of Miae Jeon
2nd place: Yui Puttkammer -  Violin, student of Lya Stern
3rd place: Aaron Hwang - Cello, student of Jongbin Kim
Honorable Mention: Mira Nair -  Violin, student of Boyeon Brown


5-6 Division

1st place: Katherine Song - Violin, student of Olga Khroulevitch
2nd place: Chloe Lee -  Violin, student of Lya Stern
3rd place: Hanna Hong -Violin, student of Jorge Orozco & Jennifer Lee


7-8 Division

1st place: Amy Huang - Violin, student of Leo Sushansky
2nd place: Noah Kim -  Cello, student of Sunghee Choi
3rd place: Kenneth Duong -Cello, student of Sunghee Choi

Honorable Mention: Yuna Chun -  Violin, student of Miae Jeon

9-10 Division

1st place: Julia Jones - Violin, student of Viktor Basis & Teresa Jones

1st place: Romain-Olivier Gray - Cello, student of David Hardy
2nd place: Ethan Oh -  Cello, student of Miron Yampolsky​
3rd place: Justin Yi - Viola, student of Sungah Min

Honorable Mention: Julien Berman -  Violin, student of Leslie Silverfine

11-12 Division
2nd place: Charlene Shiu -  Violin, student of Claudia Chudacoff
3rd place: Jenis Kim - Violin, student of Sarah Lee

Honorable Mention: Phillip Lee -  Cello, student of Kerry Van Laanen




5-8 Division

1st place: Noel Jones (Violin), Brickman Jones (Cello) & Lincoln Jones (Piano) -  coached by Chen Li Tzeng & Dietrich Paredes Baralt
2nd place: Emily Liu (Violin), Lindsey Lim (Violin), Rachel Alcazar (Viola) & Joey Hsieh (Cello) - coached by Maria Montano
3rd place: Noah Pan Stier (Violin) & Madeline Xu (Piano) - coached by Irina Kats

9-12 Division

​1st place: Daniel Hwang (Violin), Jaewoo Chung (Violin),  Justin Yi (Viola) & Ethan Oh (Cello) - coached by Dietrich Paredes




5-6 Division

1st place: Donovan Holt-Harrington -  Clarinet, student of Emily Coile
2nd place: Daniel Yeum -  Oboe, student of Trevor Mowry
3rd place: Kyle H. Cho -  Oboe, student of Julia Allal

Honorable Mention: Elizabeth Ahn -  Flute, student of Youn Yi

Honorable Mention: Nita Jay -  Flute, student of Dr. Michelle Cho

7-8 Division

1st place: Junwoo Kim, MD -  Clarinet, student of Emily Coile

1st place: HyunJune Cho -  Trombone, student of Ken Wolff

2nd place: Joanne Fan -  Flute, student of Linda Crisafulli

2nd place: James Yi -  French horn, student of Seunghee Kucharski

3rd place: Juri Sho -  Flute, student of Youn Yi

9-10 Division

1st place: Amy Hwang -  Flute, student of Leah Arsenault-Barrick
2nd place: Tsach Mackey -  Clarinet, student of Dr. Albert Hunt
3rd place: Krystal Wu -  Clarinet, student of Dr. Albert Hunt

3rd place: Romita Chattaraj -  Flute, student of Susan Brandt

Honorable Mention: Lisette Joo -  Flute, student of Esther Choi

Honorable Mention: Michael W. Wang -  Clarinet, student of Dane Clark

11-12 Division

1st place: Kara Poling -  Oboe, student of Melissa Hooper & Elaine Douvas
2nd place: Timothy S. Jiang -  Alto saxophone, student of Jason Mcfeaters
3rd place: Hana Lee -  Flute, student of Dr. Michelle Cho

3rd place: Cheryl Zhang -  Flute, student of Amal Gochenour

3rd place: William Tae -  French horn, student of Dr. Avery Pettigrew
Honorable Mention: Daniel Coile -  Clarinet, student of Emily Coile

Honorable Mention: Yujin Kim -  Flute, student of Youn Yi


9-12 Division

1st place: Daniel Coile (Clarinet), Junwoo Kim (Clarinet), Peter Winstel (Clarinet), Donovan Holt-Harrington (Bass Clarinet) - coached by Emily Coile


1st place: Danielle Serrao - student of John Calkins

2nd place: Alicia Poling - student of Madeleine Gray
Honorable Mention: Christopher Ren - student of Ling Xiao

Honorable Mention: Alina Yang - student of Lucy Chen

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