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2023 YMIC Metropolitan Online Music Fesitval Winners

BEST PERFORMERS (Online Classical Music Festival)

Benjamin Kyung, Piano (student of Mihyang Joo)

Kenneth Liu, Piano (student of Martin Labazevitch)

Elsa Tseng & Thorin Kao, Piano Duet (student of Silva Blazquez)

Alexander Moon, Violin (student of Ko Sugiyama)

Winnie Chen, Flute (student of Carolyn Oh)


 $100 Cash Award

Best Performers in the Classical Festival will be invited to the concert at the Bulgarian Embassy (Young Musical Stars Showcase) on Friday, February 16, 2024 (1621 22nd St. NW, Washington, DC 20008).


BEST PERFORMERS (Online Piano Concerto Music Festival)

Minjae Jeon (student of Jinha Park)


 $100 Cash Award





Grade K - 1

1st Place:  Lauren Chung


Grade 2 - 3

Group A:

1st Place:  Faith Reyes

2nd Place:  Shaheer Khurram

3rd Place:  Sakura Sasaki

Honorable Mention:  Ashton Park


Group B:

1st Place:  Allie Rui

2nd Place:  Freddy Xin

3rd Place:  Daniel Liu

Honorable Mention:  Valerie Herr

Honorable Mention:  Skye Wang


Grade 4 - 5

Group A:

1st Place:  Benjamin Kyung

1st Place:  Anne Tang

2nd Place:  Evan Jing

3rd Place:  Malynda Nguyen

Honorable Mention:  Lydia Lee


Group B:

1st Place:  Nathan Nam

2nd Place:  Sean Pan

3rd Place:  Gavin Sinan Zhang

Honorable Mention:  Isabella Lee


Group C:

1st Place:  Ashley Lee

2nd Place:  Chloe Cheng

3rd Place:  Asher Youn

Honorable Mention:  Callie Hu


Group D:

1st Place:  Ryan Chen

2nd Place:  Aaron Pick

3rd Place:  Kyle Chun

Honorable Mention:  Francis Kim


Group E:

1st Place:  Karissa Lin

2nd Place:  Ethan Yang

Honorable Mention:  Yirui Allison Tang

Honorable Mention:  Eunice Lee

Honorable Mention:  Jimin Lee



Grade 6 - 7

Group A:

1st Place:  Serena Pan

2nd Place:  Elisha Kang

3rd Place:  Nicole Zheng

Honorable Mention:  Chelsea Zeng

Honorable Mention:  William Chung


Group B:

1st Place:  Kevin Shen

2nd Place:  Chloe Ng

3rd Place:  Ethan Chen

Honorable Mention:  Seou Kim

Honorable Mention:  Joseph Lee


Group C:

1st Place:  Ian Kim

2nd Place:  Isabelle Wang

3rd Place:  Olivia Herr

Honorable Mention:  Leo Chen

Honorable Mention:  Claire Ahn


Group D:

1st Place:  Alice Deng

2nd Place:  Jinger Xu

Honorable Mention:  Olivia Lee

Honorable Mention:  Caden Wang


Group E:

1st Place:  Terry Sheiko

2nd Place:  Bella In

3rd Place:  Ethan, Cho

Honorable Mention:  Chloe Chun


Group F:

1st Place:  Jude Bruce

2nd Place:  Aiden Ahn

3rd Place:  Judy Liu

Honorable Mention:  Daniel Xu



Grade 8 - 9

Group A:

1st Place:  Sophia Wang

2nd Place:  Minh Tran

3rd Place:  Mengtong Xiang

Honorable Mention:  Nitin Kalluru

Honorable Mention:  Eric Zeng


Group B:

1st Place:  Aidan Lee

2nd Place:  Laila Chang

3rd Place:  Anna Cho

Honorable Mention:  Hyundong Cho


Group C:

1st Place:  Seojin Lee

2nd Place:  Jaime Moon

3rd Place:  Julian Lee

Honorable Mention:  Kevin Shen


Group D:

1st Place:  Kenneth Liu

2nd Place:  Caroline Fu

2nd  Place:  Sonia Cupala

Honorable Mention:  Elizabeth Morato



Grade 10 - 12

Group A:

1st Place:  Serene Zhu

2nd Place:  Yulania Wang

3rd Place:  Shawn Wu

Honorable Mention:  Anna Chen


Group B:

1st Place:  Sophie Huang

2nd Place:  Luciano Gozzi

3rd Place:  Liam Zhang

Honorable Mention:  Christopher Jon Pishvaian

Honorable Mention:  Ryan Shin


Group C:

1st Place:  Irene Park

2nd Place:  Raymond Cheng

3rd Place:  Halin Kim

3rd Place:  Sanchali Banerjee




Grade K - 4

1st Place:  Elsa Tseng & Thorin Kao

2nd Place:  Elin Youn & Asher Youn

3rd Place:  Mary Sun & Skye Wang


Grade 5 - 8

1st Place:  Sean Pan & Serena Pan

2nd Place:  Evan Jing & William Chung

3rd Place:  Clara Eom & Elisha Kang

Honorable Mention:  Chloe Lu & Caroline Xiao





Grade 1 - 3

1st Place:  Sophia Chung


Grade 4 - 6

1st Place:  Minjae Jeon

2nd Place:  Lillian Zhao

2nd Place:  Winston Wang


Grade 7 - 9

1st Place:  Aria McCloskey

2nd Place:  Christopher Ren

3rd Place:  Ethan Cho


Grade 10 - 12

1st Place:  Chloe Lim

2nd Plcae:  Hadriel Dayanim





Grade 2 - 3

1st Place:  Ella Zhao, Violin

2nd Place:  Lucia Yang, Violin

3rd Place:  Adeline Kong, Cello

Honorable Mention:  Arianna Chang, Violin

Honorable Mention:  Joshua Park, Violin


Grade 4 - 5

1st Place:  Momo Sasaki, Violin

2nd Place:  Natalie Al-Hajj, Violin

3rd Place:  Chloe Kim, Violin

Honorable Mention:  Aaron Chong, Violin

Honorable Mention:  Japheth Lee, Violin

Honorable Mention:  Bryan Wei, Violin

Honorable Mention:  Abigail Lee, Violin


Grade 6 - 7

1st Place:  Alexander Moon, Violin

2nd Place:  Hyunseo Lee, Violin

3rd Place:  Jeremy Zhang, Viola

Honorable Mention:  Ethan Zhang, Viola

Honorable Mention:  Laura Lee, Violin


Grade 8 - 9

1st Place:  Olivia Mayer, Violin

2nd Place:  Maylea Al-Hajj, Violin

3rd Place:  Aaron Hwang, Cello

Honorable Mention:  Vivian Kim, Cello

Honorable Mention: Chloe Chung, Violin

Honorable Mention:  Rebecca Kim, Violin

Honorable Mention:  Kate Cho, Viola


Grade 10 - 12


Group A:

1st Place:  David Wang, Violin

2nd Place:  Sophia Lee, Violin

3rd Place:  Yeju Kim, Viola

Honorable Mention:  Birka Chen, Violin


Group B:

1st Place:  Jingjing Wu, Violin

2nd Place:  Jason Youm, Cello

3rd Place:  Zabrina Lee, Violin

Honorable Mention:  Steve Liang, Violin


Group C:

1st Place:  Calvin Lee, Cello

2nd Place:  Doyoon Seol, Violin

3rd Place:  Elizabeth Wnek, Violin

Honorable Mention:  Lindsey Lee, Violin





Grade 5 - 6

1st Place:  Lucas Cho, Flute


Grade 7 - 8

2nd Place:  Malinda Zhu, Flute


Grade 9 - 10

1st Place:  Theodore Lim, French Horn

2nd Place:  Chloe Cho, Flute

3rd Place:  Daniel Cho, Euphonium


Grade 11 - 12

1st Place:  Winnie Chen, Flute

2nd Place:  Aidan Hwang, Trumpet

3rd Place:  Haeeun Yun, Flute





Grade 5 - 8

1st Place:

Lyla Lim, Violin

Noemie Zeitlin, Violin

Aurora Wu, Viola

Jules Amyot, Cello


2nd Place:

Erin Kwak, Violin

Alexander Moon, Violin

Joel Sohn, Cello

Connor Kim, Piano


Grade 9 - 12

1st Place:

Ellie Namkoong, Violin

Kayla Kim, Violin

Caleb Choi, Viola

Caleb Son, Cello

Ian Kim, Bass


3rd Place:

Jacob Kim, Flute

Anthony Koo, Clarinet

Jeremy Kang, Alto Saxophone

Aiden Kang, Trombone

Daniel Cho, Euphonium

Luke Cho, Piano

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