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2023 YMIC Metropolitan Live Music Fesitval Winners


Ethan Zhao, Piano (Student of San-Qing Lu-Bennaman)

Ryan Shin, Piano (Student of JeongEun Park kang)

Elena Kim, Cello (Student of Alison Bazala Kim)

Yixuan Li, Violin/ Caleb Fan, Cello/ Derek Yang, Piano (Student of Claudia Chudacoff)


 $100 Cash Award

Best Performers in the Classical Festival will be invited to the concert at the Bulgarian Embassy (Young Musical Stars Showcase) on Friday, February 16, 2024 (1621 22nd St. NW, Washington, DC 20008).




Grade K - 1

1st Place:  Aiden Che

2nd Place:  Vacheron Li

3rd Place:  Fermi McChen

Honorable Mention:  Alice Guan

Honorable Mention:  Yixiao Li


Grade 2 - 3

1st Place:  Henry Wu

2nd Place:  Selina Wang

3rd Place:  Hairong Zhang

Honorable Mention:  Mai Lan Do

Honorable Mention:  Camille Li

Honorable Mention:  Luna Liu

Honorable Mention:  Grace Zhou


Grade 4 - 5

Group A:

1st Place:  Tristan Wu

2nd Place:  Elsa Tseng

3rd Place:  Taotao Yang

Honorable Mention:  Julian Ahn

Honorable Mention:  Conor Kelley


Group B:

1st Place:  Caroline Li

2nd Place:  Yuxin Jia

3rd Place:  Alex Duan

Honorable Mention:  Avery Li

Honorable Mention:  Bella Li

Honorable Mention:  Michelle Jiayi Zheng

Honorable Mention:  DeRon Zhang


Grade 6 - 7

Group A:

1st Place:  Zhiqing Tao

2nd Place:  Sarah Shen

3rd Place:  Rinzin Phuntsokyi

Honorable Mention:  Michael Ahn

Honorable Mention:  Lucas Cho

Honorable Mention:  Hooman Moghimi


Group B:

1st Place:  Ethan Zhao

2nd Place:  Jenny Wang

3rd Place:  Ella Wan

Honorable Mention:  Richy Shi

Honorable Mention:  Tianyue Wang


Grade 8 - 9

Group A:

1st Place:  Charles Zhao

2nd Place:  Emery Que

3rd Place:  Karen Pan

Honorable Mention:  Nolan Chen


Group B:

1st Place:  Eileen Zhuge

2nd Place:  Jaxton Lee

3rd Place:  Aaron Hwang

Honorable Mention:  Kyle Li

Honorable Mention:  Evangeline Lin


Group C:

1st Place:  Sophia Wang

2nd Place:  Jingyi Mao

3rd Place:  Isabella Ugalde


Grade 10 - 12

Group A:

1st Place:  Ryan Shin

2nd Place:  Filipe Cantoni Ferreira 

3rd Place:  Rhema Du

Honorable Mention:  Ian Ha


Group B:

2nd Place:  Nam Tran

3rd Place:  Katherine Hua

Honorable Mention:  Angelika Tzioumis

Honorable Mention:  Evan Proudkii




Grade 4 - 5

1st Place:  Hannah Park, Violin


Grade 6 - 7

1st Place:  Brandon Pino, Cello

2nd Place:  Lena Wu, Violin

3rd Place:  Allison Li, Violin

Honorable Mention:  Peter Bruch, Cello

Honorable Mention:  Dylan Pino, Cello

Honorable Mention:  Vivian Tang, Violin


Grade 8 - 9

1st Place:  Joshua Gwon, Violin

2nd Place:  Yixuan Li, Violin

3rd Place:  Vladislav Popov, Cello

Honorable Mention:  Christopher Wang, Violin

Honorable Mention:  Eileen Zhuge, Violin


Grade 10 - 12

1st Place:  Elena Kim, Cello

2nd Place:  Whitney Bruch, Violin

3rd Place:  Yuri Popov, Violin

Honorable Mention:  Ethan Hahn, Cello

Honorable Mention:  Irene Wiegand-Vera, Cello




Grade 5 - 6

2nd Place:  Joyce Liu, Clarinet


Grade 7 - 8

1st  Place:  Chloe Robertson, Bassoon





Grade 5 - 8

1st Place:

Chloe Robertson, Violin

Nolan Chen, Cello

Charles Zhao, Piano


2nd Place:

Leilia McCabe, Flute

Kaylia McCabe, Cello

Andrew L. Ding, Piano


Grade 9 - 12

1st Place:

Yixuan Li, Violin

Caleb Fan, Cello

Derek Yang, Piano


1st Place:

Sanya Bharti, Flute

Renee Kim, Flute


2nd Place:

Yuna Chun, Violin

Doyoon Seol, Violin

Hannah You, Violin

Andrew Chi, Cello

Alexandra Vinokurov, Piano

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