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  • Megan Lai, Piano (Student of Nancy Breth)

  • Jessica Wang, Piano (Student of San-Qing Lu Bennaman)

  • Anne Tang (Student of Margarita Gramaticova)

  • Sarah Cho (Student of JeongEun Park Kang)

  • Emma Zou, Viola (Student of Sungah Min)

  • HannahYou,Violin, Yuna Chun, Violin, Hannah Choi, Violin, Andrew Chi, Cello, & Alexandra Vinokurov, Piano (Students of Miae Jeon & Jinha Park)

  • Sean Ziyan Guo, Flute (Student of Carolyn Oh)

  • Andrew Guo, Flute & Stephen Zhang, Flute (Student of Michelle Cho)






Grade K-1

LPA Group:

1st place: Camille Li

2nd place: Yixiao Li

3rd place: Allie Rui

Honorable Mention: Grace Zhou


LPB Group:

​1st place: Aiden Che

2nd place: Vacheron Li

3rd place: Fermi McChen


Grade 2-3 

LPC Group:

​1st place: Olivia Haseley

2nd place: Adam Taotao Yang

3rd place: Xander Vignon

Honorable Mention: Winston Wang

Honorable Mention: Julian Ahn


LPD Group:

​1st place: Benjamin Kyung

2nd place: Minka Wu

3rd place: Chloe Hu

Honorable Mention: Luna Liu

Honorable Mention: Eileen Qiu


LPE Group:

​1st place: Yirui Allison Tang

2nd place: Melissa Shen

3rd place: Henry Wu

Honorable Mention: Sophie Zou

Honorable Mention: Gianna Song



Grade 4-5

LPF Group:

​1st place: William Chang

2nd place: Yiran Xu

3rd place: Caroline Li

Honorable Mention: Claire Ahn

Honorable Mention: DeRon Zhang



LPG Group:

​1st place: Ethan Zhang

2nd place: Michael Ahn

3rd place: Frances Hu

Honorable Mention: Jolyn Niu

Honorable Mention: Callie Hu



LPH Group:

​1st place: Megan Lai

2nd place: Lawrence Ou

3rd place: Yuxin Jia

Honorable Mention: Madison Hu



LPI Group:

​1st place: Angie Zhu

2nd place: Ethan Chen

3rd place: Rachel Wu

Honorable Mention: Adeline Colavita

Honorable Mention: Avery Li



LPJ Group:

​1st place: Minjae Jeon

2nd place: Clara Eom

3rd place: Angeline Bone

Honorable Mention: Bella Li

Honorable Mention: Isabelle Wang



Grade 6-7

LPK Group:

​1st place: Filipe Cantoni Ferreira

2nd place: Ethan Zhao

3rd place: Alice Deng

3rd place: Caleb Chang

Honorable Mention: Sonia Cupala


LPL Group:

​1st place: Andrew Nguyen

2nd place: Zoey Lee

3rd place: Ella Wan

Honorable Mention: Evan Suk

Honorable Mention: Claire Wang



LPM Group:

​1st place: Jenny Wang

2nd place: Joseph Lee

3rd place: Lauren Young

Honorable Mention: Richy Shi

Honorable Mention: Luca Starling



LPN Group:

​1st place: Emery Que

2nd place: Avery Haseley

3rd place: Terry Sheiko

Honorable Mention: Daren Feng



Grade 8-9

LPO Group:

​1st place: Christopher Ren

2nd place: Chloe Lim

3rd place: Gabrielle Pham

Honorable Mention: Sophie Li

Honorable Mention: Aaron Hwang



LPP Group:

​1st place: Rhema Du

2nd place: Irene Park

3rd place: Angelika Tzioumis

Honorable Mention: Jaxton Lee

Honorable Mention: MengtongXiang



LPQ Group:

​1st place: Serene Zhu

2nd place: Liam Zhang

3rd place: Eileen Zhuge

Honorable Mention: Hadriel Dayanim

Honorable Mention: Luke Wang



LPR Group:

​1st place: Anna Zhou

2nd place: Seeyen Zeng

3rd place: Caroline Fu

Honorable Mention: Eva Song

Honorable Mention: One Choi



Grade 10-12

LPS Group:

1st place: Jessica Wang

1st place: Harrison Benford

3rd place: Aidan Mousavi

Honorable Mention: Tyler Song


LPT Group:

​1st place: Alice Yacubovich

2nd place: Evan Proudkii

3rd place: Irene Kim



LPU Group:

​1st place: Alexandra Vinokurov

2nd place: Collin Park

3rd place: Alexander Doan

Honorable Mention: Zoë Kaiser





Grade 5-8


2nd Place: Jeremy Zhang&Lumina Zhang

3rd Place: Hannah Cho&Christine Jeon




Grade 2-3 


​1st place: Caroline Li-Chang


Grade 4-5 

​1st place: Jeremy Zhang

2nd place: Jules Amyot

3rd place: Audrey Lim

Honorable Mention: Chloe Kim

Honorable Mention: Peter Bruch



Grade 6-7 

Group A:

3rd place: Hannah Phillippy

Honorable Mention: Sofia R. Parra

Honorable Mention:Connor Kim



Group B:

​1st place: Chloe Robertson

1st place: Claire Li-Chang

2nd place: Erin Yi



Grade 8-9 

Group A:

​1st place: Lindsey Lee

1st place: Daphne Wen

2nd place: Whitney Bruch

Honorable Mention: Irene Kim

Honorable Mention:Audrey Weeks


Group B:

​1st place: Aaron Hwang

2nd place: Valerie Lai

3rd place: Hannah Pangaribuan

Honorable Mention: Andrew Chi


Grade 10-12 

​1st place: Emma Zou

2nd place: Yuna Chun

3rd place: Hannah You

Honorable Mention: Jinsol Park



Grade 5-6

1st place:Lucas Cho, Flute

Grade 7-8 

1st place:Sean Ziyan Guo, Flute

2nd place:Leilia McCabe, Flute


Grade 9-10 

1st place:Dan Huang, Flute

2nd place: Jeff Hou, Flute







Grade 5-8 

1st Place:

Walter, Brobson, Piano

Chloe, Robertson, Violin

Nolan, Chen, Cello


2nd Place:

Cindy Lin, Cello

Kaylia McCabe, Cello

Andrew Lin, Piano



Grade 9-12 


Group A: 


1st Place:

Andrew Guo, Flute

Stephen Zhang, Flute


2nd Place:

Sanya Bharti, Flute

Renee Kim, Flute



Group B: 


1st Place:

Hannah, You, Violin

Yuna, Chun, Violin

Hannah, Choi, Violin

Andrew, Chi, Cello

Alexandra, Vinokurov, Piano



2nd Place:

Jinwoo Shin, Violin

Lindsey Lee, Violin

Matthew Guo, Viola

Daisy Chen, Cello



3rd Place:

Katie Hu, Violin

Mira Nair, Violin

Yohan Yun, Viola

Andrew Chi, Cello

Luke Cho, Piano





Grade K-1

1st place: Valerie Herr

2nd place: Faith Reyes

3rd place: Ryan Detrick

Honorable Mention: Mary Sun



Grade 2-3 


Group A:

1st place: Sophia Chung

2nd place: Shaheer Khurram

3rd place: Elsa Tseng

Honorable Mention: Kate Detrick



Group B:

1st place: Asher Youn

2nd place: Hairong Zhang

3rd place: Grace Zhuang

Honorable Mention: Siwoo Chung



Group C:

1st place: Anne Tang

2nd place: Tristan Shaw

3rd place: Aaron Pick

Honorable Mention: Olivia Kang



Grade 4-5


Group A:

1st place: Eileen Kang

2nd place: Nathan Nam

3rd place: Elisha Kang

Honorable Mention: Kyle Ng



Group B:

1st place: Lucas Cho

2nd place: Ian Kim

3rd place: Serena Pan

Honorable Mention: Sean Pan



Group C:

1st place: Jude Bruce

2nd place: Chloe Cheng

3rd place: Sarah Shen

Honorable Mention: George Sun



Group D:

1st place: Olivia Herr

2nd place: Chloe Lu

3rd place: Roy Kwak




Grade 6-7


Group A:

1st place: Kevin Shen

2nd place: Elizabeth Smith

3rd place: Olivia Lee

Honorable Mention: Daniel Kim



Group B:

1st place: Jaime Moon

2nd place: Anna Cho

3rd place: Erin Kwak

Honorable Mention: Benjamin Wang



Group C:

1st place: Adeline Middleton

2nd place: Christina Hou

3rd place: Elizabeth Morato

Honorable Mention: Yu Na Won





Grade 8-9


Group A:

1st place: Sean Wang

2nd place: Kate Lee

3rd place: Shawn Wu

Honorable Mention: Madison Chung



Group B:

1st place: Sophia Wang

2nd place: Morgan Li

3rd place: Abigail Cho

Honorable Mention: Raymond Cheng

Honorable Mention: Jingyi Mao


Group C:

1st place: Enya Ma

2nd place: Anthony (Tony) Yoon

3rd place: Krisalyn Nguyen

Honorable Mention: Genevieve Bogacki



Grade 10-12


Group A:

1st place: Ella Phillippy

2nd place: Christopher Pishvaian

3rd place: AuvaVaziri

Honorable Mention: Jacob Lee



Group B:

1st place: Kenneth Duong

2nd place: Nam Tran

3rd place: Dylan Schenker

Honorable Mention: Sanchali Banerjee



Group C:

1st place: Sarah Cho

2nd place: Ethan Tran

3rd place: Ethan Liu

Honorable Mention: Kara Wang




Grade 10-12


1ST Place:


Divya Laddha



2ND Place:

Eunhae Jun

Ashlee Nguyen

Carly Mew





Grade 2-3

2nd place: Helen Morton, Violin



Grade 4-5


​1st place: Justin Kijun Lee, Cello

2nd place: Brandon Pino, Cello



Grade 6-7


​1st place: Kate Cho, Viola

2nd place: Rebecca Kim, Violin

2nd place: Dylan Plno, Cello

3rd place: Hyunseo Lee, Violin



Grade 8-9


​1st place: Alvin Lee, Viola

2nd place: Angelin Cho, Viola

3rd place: Sophia Lee, Violin



Grade 10-12


​1st place: David Wang, Violin

1st place: Jason Youm, Cello

2nd place: Eujin Lee, Violin

2nd place: Lindsey Lim, Violin

3rd place: Yeju Kim, Viola

Honorable Mention: Birka Chen, Violin

Honorable Mention: Zabrina Lee, Violin




Grade 7-8 

​1st place: Chloe Cho, Flute





Grade 5-8 


1ST Place:

Daniel Won, Violin, 5

Kate Cho, Viola, 7

Hannah Phillippy, Cello, 6



Grade 9-12


1ST Place:

Kaitlyn Wong, Cello

Jacqueline Cao, Cello

Sarah Mei, Cello

Christopher Chow, Cello

Sophia Zhang, Cello

Yunyi Ling, Cello


2ND Place:

Marina Elena Martin, Violin

Michelle Liu, Violin

Emily Hsieh, Viola

Amir Barrage, Cello


3RD Place:

Jane Lee, Violin

Zeyuan Alex Zhao, Violin

Alice Song, Viola

Jason Lee, Cello

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