BEST PERFORMERS (invited to perform at the YMIC Winners' Concert at Carnegie Hall - July 3, 2020 at 8:00 pm) 

Andrew Jiang, piano (San-Qing Lu Bennaman)

Brian Kim , piano (Jaewon Lee)

Bryan Hsu, violin (Ricardo Cyncynates)

Krystal Wu, clarinet (Albert Hunt)

BEST PERFORMERS  - ALTERNATE (invited to perform at Bulgarian Music Society Concert - Young Musical Stars Showcase at the Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria - April 24, 2020 at 7:00 pm)

Jinghan Savitski, piano (Artur Aksenov)

Alice Yacubovich, piano (Miri Frenkel-Yacubovich)

Daniel Wu, piano (Dr. JeongEun Park Kang)

Andrew Gray, violin (Lya Stern)

Cheryl Zhang, flute (Amal Gochenour)

Emily Zhang & Mark Li, piano chamber (Olga Kuperstein )


Group A

1st place: Belinda Zhu
2nd place: Angie Zhu

3rd place: Ethan Yao

Honorable Mention: Claire Feng

Group B

1st place: Ken Xu

1st place: Nora Ma

2nd place: Maya Guo

3rd place: Madeline Wang

Honorable Mention: Grace Yue


Group C

1st place: Alexander Liu

2nd place: Andrew Lin

3rd place: Alice Xue

Honorable Mention: Amy Xu

Honorable Mention: Bella In

Group D

1st place: Clara Eom

2nd place: Benjamin Wandow

2nd place: Christina Hou

2nd place: Claire Ahn

Honorable Mention: Casey Yoon

Honorable Mention: Elisha Kang

Group E

1st place: Connor Kim

1st place: Ella Si

1st place: Ethan Zhao

3rd place: Evan Suk

Honorable Mention: Erin Kwak

Honorable Mention: Genevieve Simpson-Sundell

Group F

1st place: Ian Kim

2nd place: Hanchi Yao

3rd place: Iris Yao

Honorable mention: Hannha Tang

Honorable mention: Harmony kim

Group G

1st place: Jenny Wang

2nd place: Jaden Kwak

3rd place: James Villareal

Honorable Mention: Charles Golden

Honorable Mention: Isabelle Wang

Group H

1st place: Jinghan Savitski

2nd place: Julia Qu

3rd place: Judy Liu

Honorable Mention: Jenny Yu

Honorable Mention: Joy Liang

Group I

1st place: Lewei He

2nd place: Kaylia McCabe

3rd place: Kaelyn Jia

Honorable Mention: Matthew Chan

Group J

1st place: Melinda Wang

3rd place: Rachel Wu

Honorable Mention: Nathan Liu

Honorable Mention: Rachel Shin

Group K

2nd place: Suah Kwon

3rd place: Samuel Rhee

Honorable Mention: Randy Wang

Honorable Mention: Rinzin Phuntsokyi

Group L

1st place: Daniel Chung

2nd place: Youran Wang

3rd place: Terry Sheiko

Honorable Mention: Yuan Fu

Group M

1st place: Brandon Liu

2nd place: Enya Ma

2nd place: Henry Golden

3rd place: Emery Que

Honorable Mention: Ashley Liu

Honorable Mention: Russell Dlugosz

Group N

1st place: Adeline Middleton

2nd place: Anna Zhou

3rd place: Christopher Ren

Honorable Mention: Ann Zhu

Honorable Mention: Caitlyn Kim

Group O

1st place: Eileen Zhuge

2nd place: Claire Sim

3rd place: Daisy Lin

3rd place: Daren Feng

Honorable Mention: Claire Hong

Group P

1st place: Elly Zhou

2nd place: Jaime Moon

2nd place: Sophie Zhao

3rd place: Finley Chong

3rd place: Issac won

Group Q

1st place: Joseph Yoon

2nd place: Jonathan Kwun

3rd place: Kyle Li

Honorable Mention: Kaylynn Yuan

Honorable Mention: Luke Wang

Group R

1st place: Madison Chung

2nd place: Mina Chang

3rd place: Olivia Kwun

Honorable Mention: Nicholas Le

Honorable Mention: Nishant Kandadai

Group S

1st place: Paige Zhu

2nd place: Timothy Oh

3rd place: Ray Zhao

Honorable Mention: Reyna Kim

Honorable Mention: Ryan Kim

Group T

1st place: Andrew Jiang

2nd place: Alexander Doan

3rd place: Antan Fenley

Honorable Mention: Mahilan Guha

Honorable Mention: Audrey Wandow

Group U

1st place: Clara Kim

2nd place: Brian Park

3rd place: Collin Park

Honorable Mention: Bella Kang

Honorable Mention: Christopher Tu

Group V1

1st place: Dylan Schenker 

2nd place: Irene Park

3rd place: Jocelyn Yuan

Honorable Mention: Eric Zhang

Honorable Mention: Halin Kim

Group V2

1st place: Kyle Cho

2nd place: Morgan Li

3rd place: Julian Freisinger

Honorable Mention: Leah Wu

Group W

1st place: Sophie Huang

2nd place: Serene Zhu

3rd place: Phu Tran

Honorable Mention: Sanchali Banerjee

Group X

1st place: Hannah Choi

1st place: Yiting Sun

2nd place: Danielle Carr

3rd place: Sophie W. Huang

Honorable Mention: Xinyi Xie

Group Y1

1st place: Alice Yacubovich

2nd place: Arushi Srinivasan

3rd place: Evan Proudkii

Honorable Mention: Mandy Guo

Group Y2

1st place: Claire Deng 

2nd place: Chloe Middleton

3rd place: Bentham Hu

Group Y3

1st place: Hyun June Cho

2nd place: Eric Zeng

3rd place: Susie Park

Honorable Mention: Ethan Schenker 

Group Y4

1st place: Julia Yue

2nd place: Katelyn Park

3rd place: Karen Yhim

Honorable Mention: Irene Kim

Honorable Mention: Julie Kim

Group Y5

1st place: Richard Luo

2nd place: Rebecca Fan

3rd place: Han-min Cho

Group Y6

1st place: William Lu

2nd place: Ahan Patani

3rd place: Alexander Hwang

Honorable Mention: Naveen Ramamurthy

Group Z1

1st place: Brian Kim

2nd place: An Tran

3rd place: Antara Hebbar

Honorable Mention: Anastasia Leonidov

Honorable Mention: Bertrand Zhu

Group Z2

1st place: Daniel Wu

2nd place: Fei Collins

3rd place: Emily Liu

Honorable Mention: Chelsea Tu

Honorable Mention: Daniel Chen

Group Z3

1st place: Grace Chen

2nd place: Michael Canady

3rd place: Jason Wang

Honorable Mention: Pascal Sossou

Group Z4

1st place: Phoebe Hong

2nd place: Stefanie Wang




1st place: Cheryl Zhang

2nd place: Grace Yu

3rd place: Ashley Liu

3rd place: Joanne Fan

Honorable Mention: Jessica Wang

Honorable Mention: Lydia Yeh


1st place: Krystal Wu

1st place: Sophie Zhao

3rd place: Phoebe Hong


1st place: Daniel Yeum

2nd place: Kyle Cho

Honorable Mention: Faith Cheung


2nd place: Issac Won

3rd place: Eli Kim



1st place: Chloe Kim

1st place: Bryan Hsu

1st place: Andrew Gray

2nd place: Raymond Lim

2nd place: Faith Zhang

3rd place: Lawrence Du

3rd place: Irene Kim

3rd place: Yixuan Li

3rd place: Lindsey Lee

3rd place: Emily Liu

3rd place: Hana N. Lee

3rd place: Jason Lu

3rd place: Noel Jones

3rd place: Alyssa Kim

3rd place: Benjamin Choi

Honorable Mention: Rebecca Kim

Honorable Mention: Yuri Popov

Honorable Mention: Hannah Choi

Honorable Mention: Isabelle Park

Honorable Mention: Adeline Yu



3rd place: Garam Kim

3rd place: Rachel Choo

3rd place: Sumin Choi



1st place: Ella Wu

1st place: Christopher Chung

1st place: Joshua Fan

2nd place: Amelia Baisden

2nd place: Caleb Fan

2nd place: Olivia Bond

3rd place: Athena He

3rd place: Kathryn Choi

3rd place: Rebecca Du

3rd place: Joseph Kim

Honorable Mention: Vladislav Popov

Honorable Mention: Aaron Hwang

Honorable Mention: Benjamin Kwon 

Honorable Mention: Ian Chen

Honorable Mention: Irene Wiegand-Vera

Honorable Mention: Valerie Lai

Honorable Mention: Haram Kim

Honorable Mention: Jacob Shields


1st place: Andy Lu



Group A1

1st place: Chloe Kim / Connor Kim

2nd place: Clare Hwang / Clara Eom

3rd place: Eric Kwon / Aaron Eom

Group A2

​1st place: Audrey Liu / Ken Xu

2nd place: Timothy Mitchell / John Cao / Alice Zhang

3rd place: Patrick Yin / Audrey Liu

Group B

​1st place: Emily Zhang / Mark Li

2nd place: Hannah Choi / Clara Kim

3rd place: Anne Wang / Naveen Ramamurthy

Honorable Mention: Alexander Hwang / Allison Hwang

Honorable Mention: Alina Yin / John Cao

Group C

​1st place: John Cao / Alice Zhang

2nd place: Anthony Ren / John Cao / Alice Zhang

3rd place: Anthony Ren / Harold Lin

Honorable Mention: Kylie Gong  / Alice Zhang

Honorable Mention: Anthony Ren / John Cao

Group D

​1st place: William Lu / Alex Yang

1st place: Naveen Ramamurthy / Ahan Patani

2nd place: Naveen Ramamurthy / Flora Ye

2nd place: Stefanie Wang / Ahan Patani

3rd place: Danny Mitchell / Naveen Ramamurthy

Group E

​1st place: Stefanie Wang / Liwen Tran

2nd place: Danny Mitchell / Liwen Tran

3rd place: Ahan Patani / Liwen Tran

Honorable Mention: Anne Wang / Stefanie Wang / Ahan Patani

Honorable Mention: Anne Wang / Kylie Gong

Group F1

​1st place: Anne Wang / Stefanie Wang

1st place: Danny Mitchell / Yolanda Li

2nd place: Anne Wang / Stefanie Wang / Naveen Ramamurthy

2nd place: Anne Wang / Isadora Liu / Anthony Ren

3rd place: Kylie Gong / Yolanda Li 

Group F2

​1st place: Sarah Cho / Danielle Lee

2nd place: Anthony Ren / Isadora Liu

3rd place: Kylie Gong / Yolanda Li / Danny Mitchell

Honorable Mention: Anne Wang / Anthony Ren



​1st place: Yuri Popov, violin / David Wang, violin / Rachel Grace Alcazar, viola / Elena Claire Bazala Kim, cello

​1st place: Olivia Bond, cello / Noah Portner, clarinet / Daniel Lee, piano

​1st place: Sarah Yi / Sara Manzano / Holly Zhao /  Amanda He, flute  quartet


2nd place: Emily Liu, violin / Lindsey Lim, violin / Michael Wang, viola / Joey Hsieh, cello

2nd place: Adeline Yu, violin /  Sabrina Su, cello / Ian Yu, piano

3rd place:  Bryan Hsu, violin / Vladislav Popov, cello / Evan Proudkii, piano



Kayleigh Kim - solo string, violin

Joshua Yezhao Chen - solo piano

Hana Lee - solo wind, flute


Group A

1st place: Ella Si
2nd place: Olivia Herr

3rd place: Jeremy Ku

Honorable Mention: Kate Lee

Honorable Mention: Claire Ahn

Honorable Mention: Valentina Coppola

Group B

1st place: Claire Wang

2nd place: Christina Hou

2nd place: Terry Sheiko​

3rd place: Hannah Phillippy

Honorable Mention: Benjamin Wandow


Group C

1st place: Evan Suk

2nd place: Connor Kim

Honorable Mention: Leo Coppola

Honorable Mention: Aaron Hitaj

Honorable Mention: Jaden Kwak

Honorable Mention: Alex Cho

Group D

1st place: Nathan Park

2nd place: Joseph J. Yoon

2nd place: Kayla Chun

3rd place: Amelia Duan

Honorable Mention: Eric Kwon

Honorable Mention: Ray Zhao

Group E

1st place: Jaime Moon

2nd place: Olivia Kwun​

3rd place: Timothy Oh

3rd place: David Ahn

Honorable Mention: Finley Chong

Group F

1st place: Reyna Kim

2nd place: Sophie Zhao

2nd place: Henry Golden

3rd place: Christopher Ren

3rd place: Kevin Shen

3rd place: Reemey Ghermay

Group G

1st place: Paige Zhu

2nd place: Enya Ma

2nd place: Brandon Liu

3rd place: Anthony Wei

Honorable Mention: Jonathan Kwun

Group H

1st place: Melanie Guo

2nd place: Leah Wu

3rd place: Michael Zhou

Honorable Mention: Irene Park

Honorable Mention: Ethan Mao

Honorable Mention: Antan Fenley

Group I

1st place: Ryan Shin

2nd place: Serene Zhu

3rd place: Raymond Cheng​

Honorable Mention: Morgan Li

Honorable Mention: Jun Park

Honorable Mention: Gabriel Eraso

Group J

1st place: Anna Kim

2nd place: Audrey Wandow

3rd place: Jocelyn Yuan​

Honorable Mention: Lily Choi

Honorable Mention: Brian T. Park

Honorable Mention: Hannah Y Kim

Group K

1st place: Jaden Li

1st place: Chris Jia

2nd place: David Egge

2nd place: Anthony Xu

3rd place: Julia Young

Honorable Mention: Christopher Tu

Group L

1st place: Kyle H. Cho

2nd place: Julian Freisinger

3rd place: James Yoon

3rd place: Collin Park 

Honorable Mention: Meley Ghermey

Honorable Mention: Sanchali Banerjee

Group M

1st place: Joshua Yezhao Chen

2nd place: Hyunbin Yu

3rd place: Irene Kim

Honorable Mention: Sean Lee

Honorable Mention: Mandy Guo

Honorable Mention: Katie Xiang

Group N

1st place: Samantha Ye

2nd place: Bentham Hu​

3rd place: Katelyn Park

3rd place: Tyler Om​

Honorable Mention: Han-min Cho

Honorable Mention: Naveen Ramamurthy

Honorable Mention: Michelle Kim

Group O

1st place: Brandon Kwon

2nd place: Julia Yue

2nd place: Richard Luo

3rd place: Ella Phillippy

3rd place: Elsa Li

3rd place: Karen Yhim

Group P

1st place: William Lu

2nd place: Zachary Edenbaum

3rd place: Susie Park

3rd place: Ahan Patani

Honorable Mention: Thao-Hien Nguyen

Group Q

1st place: Danielle Lee

2nd place: Ethan Benadon

Honorable Mention: Sofia Tasikas

Honorable Mention: Abigail Pak

Honorable Mention: Megan Chen

Group R

1st place: Daniel Wu

2nd place: Rachel Park

3rd place: Emily Liu

Honorable Mention: Chelsea Tu

Group S

1st place: Pascal Sossou

2nd place: An Tran

2nd place: Bryan Zhang

3rd place: Fei Collins

3rd place: Ethan Phan​

Honorable Mention: Bertrand Zhu

Honorable Mention: Samantha Leventis

Group T

1st place: Michael Yoo

2nd place: Hana Wang

3rd place: Sebastian Lu

Group U

1st place: Sarah Na

2nd place: Caleb Kim

2nd place: Kenneth Wang

3rd place: Hee Yon Park

3rd place: Eleanor Zang




1st place: Nita Jay

1st place: Rachel Son

1st place: Hana Lee

2nd place: Joanne Fan

2nd place: Katie Jeong

2nd place: Michelle Shen​

3rd place: Yeinn Renee Kim

3rd place: Lisette Joo

3rd place: Elizabeth Li

French Horn

1st place: Eric Oh

2nd place: Andrew Kim


1st place: Jason Lee


2nd place: Noah Lee

3rd place: Sang-Woo Hwang



1st place: Alexander Moon

1st place: Erin Yi

1st place: Raymond Lim

1st place: Yuna Chun

1st place: Kayleigh Kim

1st place: Jaimie Lwin

2nd place: Jianna Yoon

2nd place: Lindsey Lee

2nd place: Eon Jeong

2nd place: Barry Jie

2nd place: Kaitlyn Kim

2nd place: Samantha Lu

2nd place: Alexander Choi

2nd place: Janice Lee

3rd place: Audrey Lim

3rd place: Daniel Bae

3rd place: Roselyn Bi

3rd place: Katherine Song

3rd place: Isabelle Park

3rd place: Taiki Fukui​

Honorable Mention: Ashley Kim

Honorable Mention: Maddie Yi

Honorable Mention: Zara Walker

Honorable Mention: Chloe Kiwon Lee

Honorable Mention: Irene Kim

Honorable Mention: David Wen

Honorable Mention: Rayna Kim

Honorable Mention: Isis Pirrone

Honorable Mention: Gracie Yoon

Honorable Mention: Evan Mao



1st place: Jada Walker

1st place: Brian Kim

1st place: Maxwell Zhang

1st place: Alice Song

2nd place: Lina Seo

2nd place: Amy Tang

3rd place: Alvin Lee

3rd place: Ashley Ahn



1st place: Prestin Kim

1st place: Ethan Oh

2nd place: Emma Walker

2nd place: Caleb Fan

2nd place: Jacob Lee

2nd place: Joshua Fan

2nd place: Olivia Bond

3rd place: Aaron Hwang

3rd place: Daniel D. Lee

3rd place: Luke Walker

3rd place: Megan Chen

3rd place: Allen Yoo




Group A

1st place: Lily Runkle / Alice Zhang / John Cao

2nd place: John Cao / Lily Runkle

3rd place: Jaime Moon / Timothy Oh

Honorable Mention: Clare Hwang / Rachel Shin

Group B

​1st place: John Cao / Alice Zhang

2nd place: Enya Ma / Christopher Ren

3rd place: Lily Runkle / Alice Zhang

3rd place: Kelly Wang / Samuel Yang

Honorable Mention: Kelly Wang / Chloe Ma

Group C

​1st place: Ryan Shin / Sophie Huang​

2nd place: Melanie Guo / Jocelyn Yuan

2nd place: Isadora Liu / Anne Wang / Anthony Ren

3rd place: Hannah Y Kim / Jun Park

Honorable Mention: Isadora Liu / Anne Wang / Lillian Zhao

Group D

​1st place: Naveen Ramamurthy / Ahan Patani

2nd place: Anthony Ren / Anne Wang

3rd place: Naveen Ramamurthy / Ahan Patani / Lillian Zhao​

Honorable Mention: Danny Mitchell / Timothy Mitchell

Honorable Mention: Anne Wang / Lillian Zhao

Honorable Mention: Anne Wang / Isadora Liu

Group E

​1st place: Liwen Tran / Stefanie Wang / Anne Wang

2nd place: Stefanie Wang / Liwen Tran / Naveen Ramamurthy

3rd place: Sherry Chen / Liwen Tran / Kylie Chen

Honorable Mention: Sherry Chen / Kylie Chen

Group F

​1st place: Isabella Tang / Flora Ye

2nd place: Liwen Tran / Yolanda Li

3rd place: Yolanda Li / Danny Mitchell

Honorable Mention: Stefanie Wang / Liwen Tran

Honorable Mention: Yolanda Li / Kylie Gong


​1st place: Sarah Yi / Chloe Zhao / Amanda Welch / Romita Chattaraj

2nd place: Joanne Fan / Emily Cheng / Jessica Chen / Sophia Shiu / Katherine Yu


​1st place: Kayleigh Kim / Matthew Cummings / Hana Wang

2nd place: Noel Jones / Stephanie Dragoi / Anna Lee / Caleb Zhao

2nd place: Noel Jones / Brickman Jones / Lincoln Jones

2nd place: Daniel Hwang / Jaewoo Chung / Ethan Oh / Justin Yi

2nd place: Natalie Hsieh / Olesia Soukhoveev / Joey Hsieh

3rd place: Emily Liu / Lindsey Lim / Rachel Alcazar / Joey Hsieh​

Honorable Mention: Chloe Lee / Justin Lee

Honorable Mention: David Wang / Layla Crist / Margaret Chen / Sofia Grundy



Group A

1st place: Connor Kim

1st place: Ella Si
2nd place: Jeremy Ku

2nd place: Kaylia McCabe​

3rd place: Christina Hou

3rd place: Hannah Phillippy

Group B

1st place: Henry Golden

2nd place: Jaime Moon

2nd place: Ray Zhao​

3rd place: Jason Liu

3rd place: Savannah Lease

3rd place: Olivia Kwun

3rd place: Anthony Koo

Honorable Mention: Amelia Duan

Honorable Mention: Andrew Nguyen

Honorable Mention: Anna Chinnam

Honorable Mention: Ronan Gunning


Group C

1st place: Tristan Park

1st place: Caroline Su

2nd place: Amy Rha

2nd place: Sophie Zhao

2nd place: Paige Zhu

2nd place: Grace Wu​

3rd place: Anna Zhou

3rd place: Jonathan Kwun

3rd place: Christopher Ren​

Honorable Mention: Enya Ma

Honorable Mention: Daphne Yi

Honorable Mention: Minh-Quang Nguyen

Group D

1st place: Sophie Q. Huang

1st place: Ellin Kwak

2nd place: Hannah Y Kim

2nd place: Max Kim

2nd place: Ryan Shin​

3rd place: Morgan Li

3rd place: Sophie Li

3rd place: Jonathan Yu

3rd place: Jocelyn Yuan

3rd place: Irene Park

Honorable Mention: Nina Sun

Honorable Mention: Audrey Wandow

Honorable Mention: Jessica Yao

Honorable Mention: Michael Zhou

Honorable Mention: Vivian Yoo

Group E

1st place: Danielle Carr

1st place: Chance Hattrick

1st place: Collin Park

2nd place: Chloe Jahng

2nd place: Kyle H. Cho

2nd place: Gyurim Kim

2nd place: James Yoon​

3rd place: Hannah Kim

3rd place: Katherine Ku

3rd place: Anthony Xu

3rd place: Sunni Kim​

Honorable Mention: Amy Key

Honorable Mention: Jenny Yi

Honorable Mention: Sophie W. Huang

Group F

1st place: Julie Kim

2nd place: Irene Kim

2nd place: Katelyn Park

2nd place: Yunkyeong Jung

3rd place: Melanie Nguyen

3rd place: Tyler Om

3rd place: Naveen Ramamurthy

3rd place: Samantha Ye​

Honorable Mention: Daniel Son

Honorable Mention: Han-min Cho

Honorable Mention: Ethan Liu

Honorable Mention: Naomi Omori

Group G

1st place: Amber Li

1st place: Ella Phillippy

2nd place: Jake Lee

2nd place: Donna Cho

2nd place: Susie Park

2nd place: Karen Yhim

3rd place: David Cho

3rd place: Hyun June Cho

3rd place: Jayden Ku

3rd place: Ahan Patani​

Honorable Mention: Hayden Wong

Honorable Mention: Thao-Hien Nguyen

Honorable Mention: David Han

Honorable Mention: Jinee Kim

Honorable Mention: Brayden Wang

Group H

1st place: Chris Kan

1st place: Brian Kim

1st place: Daniel Wu

1st place: Rachel Park

2nd place: Michael Yoo

2nd place: Abigail Pak

2nd place: Pascal Sossou

3rd place: Marcus Wong​

Honorable Mention: Rachel Cheung

Honorable Mention: Phoebe Hong

Honorable Mention: Christina Jung

Group I

1st place: Pierre Quan

1st place: Sarah Schiffgens

1st place: Teddi Yoo

2nd place: Kenneth Wang

3rd place: Lauren Cain

3rd place: Brian Kim

3rd place: Serena Lee​

Honorable Mention: Kevin Cho

Honorable Mention: Justin Zhang




1st place: Joanne Fan

1st place: Joanne Song

1st place: Michelle Song

1st place: Cheryl Zhang

1st place: Jung-Won Hwang

2nd place: Rachel Son

2nd place: Yeinn Renee Kim

3rd place: Jasmine Xi

3rd place: Michelle Heo

3rd place: Lisette Joo

3rd place: Elizabeth Zhao


1st place: Krystal Wu

1st place: Tsach Mackey​

2nd place: Alvin Kang

2nd place: Phoebe Hong


1st place: Kyle H. Cho

1st place: Faith Cheung


1st place: Sang-Woo Hwang



1st place: Nahuel Weber-Jacobsen

1st place: Daniel Hwang

1st place: Noah Pan Stier

2nd place: Ace Avery

2nd place: Roselyn Bi

2nd place: Eon Jeong

2nd place: Lindsey Lee

2nd place: Jean-Won Kim

2nd place: Natalie Hsieh

3rd place: Raymond Lim

3rd place: Jianna Yoon



1st place: Brian Kim

1st place: Maxwell Zhang

1st place: Stephanie Park

2nd place: Alice Song

2nd place: Bryan Li

3rd place: Lina Seo

3rd place: Irene Kim



1st place: Michael Li

1st place: Seyun Park

1st place: Joshua Fan

1st place: Nicole Fang

1st place: Justin Song

2nd place: Calvin Lee

2nd place: Phillip Lee

2nd place: Ocean Lan

2nd place: Allen Yoo

3rd place: Florence Geneau

3rd place: Caleb Fan




Wind Ensemble

1st place: Kylie Kim & Lauren Hong

Piano Trio

​1st place: Julian Naimon, Noah Pan Stier, and Madeline Xu

2nd place: Eleanor Shen, Roland Kahn, and Annabelle Song

String Quartet

​1st place: Spencer Tate, Natalie Hsieh, Katherine Kim, and Phillip Lee

2nd place: Hana Lee, Faith Zhang, Anna Lee, and Allen Yoo

Piano 4 Hands

​1st place: Alexander Suh & Jialin Tso

​1st place: Sarah Schiffgens & Joon Bang​

2nd place: Enya Ma & Christopher Ren

2nd place: Sophie Q. Huang & Ryan Shin

2nd place: Madeleine Nguyen & Christine Nguyen

2nd place: Stefanie Wang & Liwen Tran

3rd place: Terry Sheiko & Connor Kim

3rd place: Lily Runkel & John Cao

3rd place: Ahan Patani & Naveen Ramamurthy

3rd place: Yolanda Li & Liwen Tran​

Honorable Mention: Ellin Kwak & Gyurim Kim

Piano 6 Hands

​1st place: Lillian Zhao, Stefanie Wang, and Liwen Tran​

2nd place: Lillian Zhao, Isadora Liu, and Anne Wang

3rd place: Lily Runkel, Sean Tseng, and Ian Tseng​

Honorable Mention: Anthony Ren, Isadora Liu, and Anne Wang

Honorable Mention: Yolanda Li, Liwen Tran, and Kylie Gong



Group A
​1st place: Kaylia McCabe
2nd place: Anne Valerie Ter

Honorable Mention: Alexander Aharonian

Group B
​1st place: Ryan Shin

​1st place: Michelle Wang
2nd place: Chloe Giglio

2nd place: Sophie Huang​

3rd place: Anna Zhou

Honorable Mention: Daniel Cho

Honorable Mention: Vivian Kim-Yoo

Honorable Mention: Tiffany Lolley

Honorable Mention: Enya Ma

Honorable Mention: Christopher Ren

Honorable Mention: Grace Yu

Honorable Mention: Batir Yakhshilikov

Honorable Mention: Niuniu Zhang


Group C
​1st place: Sophie Huang

​1st place: Eunhae Jun
2nd place: Irene Kim
3rd place: Tyler Om

3rd place: Jihae Jun

3rd place: Daniel Son
Honorable Mention: Ayden Brook

Honorable Mention: Yehun Cho

Group D

​1st place: Anthony Xu

​1st place: James Yoon
2nd place: Julie Kim

2nd place: Collin Park
3rd place: Melanie Nguyen

3rd place: Katie Park​
Honorable Mention: Ashlee Nguyen

Honorable Mention: Katelyn Park

Honorable Mention: Ryan Qi

Honorable Mention: Yunkyeong Jung

Group E

​1st place: Jessica Ye

​1st place: Danielle Lee
2nd place: Jake Lee

2nd place: Carly Mew

2nd place: Daniel Wu
3rd place: Donna Cho

3rd place: Jinee Kim

3rd place: Benjamin Jo

3rd place: Jonathan Sun

3rd place: Brian Kim

Group F

​1st place: Sarah Cho
2nd place: David Cho

2nd place: Ella Phillippy
3rd place: Megan Cha

3rd place: Madeline Fowler

3rd place: Jayden Ku

3rd place: Claire Phan​
Honorable Mention: Christine Nguyen

Honorable Mention: Meherzan Gai

Honorable Mention: Rachel Park

Honorable Mention: Susie Park

Group G

​1st place: Austin Huang

​1st place: Alex Phan
2nd place: Rachel Son

2nd place: Kelly Kim

2nd place: Sarah Schiffgens
3rd place: Andrew Hui

3rd place: Serena Lee

3rd place: Christina Jung

Honorable Mention: Eliana Choi

Group H

​1st place: Michael Himy
2nd place: Ethan Phan

2nd place: Daniel Tuan
3rd place: Madeleine Nguyen

3rd place: Daniel Hwang

3rd place: Brendan Mulcahy​
Honorable Mention: Nina Chinnam

Group I

​1st place: Claire Dantzlerward
2nd place: Joon Bang
3rd place: Inseo Gates

3rd place: Johnna Lee
Honorable Mention: Kevin Cho

Group J

​1st place: Josh Kim
2nd place: Robert Pei

2nd place: Jenny Tan
3rd place: Tiffany Zhang​
Honorable Mention: Irene Guggenheim-Triana



​1st place: Angela Shen

​1st place: Yeinn Renee Kim

​1st place: Rachel Son

​1st place: Isaac Ahdoot

​1st place: Irene Yujin Kim

​1st place: Cheryl Zhang

​1st place: Chearin Oh

​1st place: Claire Cheng
2nd place: Jake Lee

2nd place: Jason Lee

2nd place: Amanda Yo

2nd place: Joseph Lee

2nd place: Hannah Jo

3rd place: Alvin Kang

3rd place: Jung-Won Hwang


​1st place: Jason McFadden

2nd place: Sang-Woo Hwang

2nd place: Benjamin Jo
3rd place: Grace Tifford​
Honorable Mention: Shisui Torii



​1st place: Jianna Yoon

​1st place: Michaela Frey

​1st place: Daphne Wen

​1st place: Katherine Song

​1st place: Adam Hsu

​1st place: Elise Haukenes

​1st place: Audrey Goodner

2nd place: Lam Dinh

2nd place: Leah Sulistiono

2nd place: Ryan Chou

2nd place: Lindsey Lee

2nd place: Jane Vourlekis

2nd place: Teddi Yoo

2nd place: Angela Yang

2nd place: Ethan Choi

3rd place: Emma-Grace Kim

3rd place: Julie Meeker

3rd place: Taylor Satterfield​

Honorable Mention: Isis T. Pirrone

Honorable Mention: Daniel Hwang



​1st place: Alice Song

2nd place: Irene Kim

2nd place: Brian Kim
3rd place: Young Cho



1st place: Jonah Lee

​1st place: Sehyun Park

​1st place: Leena Shin

​1st place: Philip Lee

​1st place: Jessica Jiang

​1st place: Michael Li

2nd place: Calvin Lee

2nd place: Nicole Fang





​1st place: Sophie Huang & Ryan Shin

​1st place: Sarah Schiffgens & Joon Bang

2nd place: Enya Ma & Christopher Ren


​1st place: Emily Liu, Lindsey Lim, Rachel Alcazar, & Joey Hsieh

​1st place: Noah Pan Stier & Andrew Wu

​1st place: Eleanor Shen, Jenna Wang, & Annabelle Song

2nd place: Zoe Fong, Leah Mitchell, Anna Shin, & Leena Shin


​1st place: Arjun Guthal, Jason McFadden, Kristen Gottlieb, Christopher Hunter, & Alex Loane